Saturday, March 3, 2012


For a whole lot of reasons, including my inability to remember too many passwords, the blog is moving to:

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It may take me a while to sort out the changes so I beg your indulgence - but you will still be able to read what we are up to, and look at our photos.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

More Blankets & UFO Update!

What a surprise! Anyone would think this was a blanket blog ....

Just wait until the blankets hiding in the Square Dancer's camera are downloaded to the blog - I can't wait to see them.

This wrap doesn't photograph well - it is quite stunning in the flesh, but the stripes make me feel a bit dizzy in the photo - anyone remember those optical illusions in Coles Funny Picture Book?
Above and below, two smaller wraps knitted for Mahboba's Promise. Unless we find  another aid group that takes knitted items to Afghanistan, they will probably go to direct to WWL who will find a home for them I'm sure. 

The top wrap was a mishmash of small and large squares which had to be somehow made into a  whole.
The one below was sewn together by Mary, a very productive knitter and sewer. Thank you, Mary.
Below a wrap put together with crochet - a quick and effective method.


The UFO we inherited, dried and was unravelled and here it is - the yarn from the unravelling mixed with odds and ends from a huge bag of tiny leftovers. As a lot of the original yarn is quite thin, I'm mixing it with the leftovers, often knitting two yarns together to give the rug more stability and warmth.

It is being made in strips the width of the wrap - I'll keep going until it's the right length. This will be no work of art - I'm already embarrassed - er, sorry -  that I had started to post about it (( : {  !  But, once started on the road less travelled, there's no turning back!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Knitting for Afghanistan

Does anyone know if there is another organisation that accepts knitted items to send to Afghanistan? We usually send our things through Mahboba's Promise, but she is again unable to accept them because of the cost of freight.

I have a large number of beanies, scarves, jumpers and smaller sized rugs that the group have knitted for that purpose.

Hope you can help!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

More Rugs - What a Surprise!

More rugs, again demonstrating the types of squares and rugs that are donated. We always have a large number of "odd" squares - sometimes from one person, more often from a number of different people. Various group members will take home a "matching" set - i.e. a set where the size of the squares is similar and where the colours seem to blend in reasonably well  (note the italics!!). That person then arranges the squares to the best of their ability (and believe me, it can be HARD!), sews them together and either edges them with a crocheted or knitted finish, or returns the rug to be given to an "edger". 

WWL always appreciates edged rugs, as it gives the squares stability and better lasting power, so we try to make sure that any rug from our group, whether knitted by us, or donated, is sent off with an edge.
Wing and Penny, above and below, with rugs made from odd squares.

Wing and Penny again, showing the variety of ways that squares are put together.
The crocheted rug below is an exercise using small balls of "leftovers" to make a warm,
serviceable  and attractive rug.

Two more rugs - the darker colours in the rug above are lifted
by the squares of red and turquoise. 
Penny shows a rug knitted by Jen - always a work of art and NEVER needing
 any sewing to complete. We are constantly amazed at Jen's planning, colour
coordination and knitting  skills. This rug is smaller, so will go to
 Mahboba's Promise  for a child in need in Afghanistan.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

UFOs at Epping Library!!

That's right, folks - believe it or not we get UFOs at the Library!! For those who are disbelievers, sceptics or otherwise unimpressed, you obviously are not knitters (or quilters or ...). UFO is an acronym for "UnFinished Object" - not the other sort that flies ;o)

UFOs often land in our laps from donations of knitting that has been started and abandoned - a not unknown happening. Sometimes we all lose interest in things, especially if they are not going well; sometimes other things take priority. There are times when we receive knitting because of downsizing, illness and sadly when a loved one passes away. We are always grateful for these donations and thank all of you who have donated to the group. We rely on the generosity of others for a lot of the yarn in our rugs.

Sometimes we can use the UFO as is - incorporating it into a rug with additional knitted squares; sometimes we need to start from scratch  -  undo the UFO and reknit the yarn into a rug, with or without additional yarn. If the UFO is a partially knitted garment, we do our best to complete it  and it then goes to Mahboba's Promise for women and children in need in Afghanistan.  Our member, Doreen, is a whizz at this.

I thought you might be interested to see the process of making a rug from one such UFO. We received a partially completed rug recently, along with some squares of varying sizes. The yarn used was quite light and had been knitted on largish needles so the squares were stretching out of shape causing a number of problems including reducing the warmth of the rug and making it hard to piece together.

The first task was to wash the knitting - it had been in a plastic bag for some time and was a little bit musty - and dry it.

I'll keep you up to date at each stage of the rug making process  - watch this space!

TIP: When washing yarn that has in storage for some time and smells a little musty, add bicarbonate of soda to the rinse water - I use a couple of tablespoons. When it dries, the yarn will smell fresh again. This also works for clothing etc that has been in storage, and when wet washing has become smelly waiting for a sunny day.